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What is a Life Coach and Do You Need One?

Athletes have coaches. Singers have coaches. Many entrepreneurs and professionals have mentors. They’re really very similar, except mentors tell you what you should/shouldn’t do to move forward based on industry-specific expertise & coaches do not. So, what is a life coach? A life coach is a coach for your life. They help you make the best decisions for your life as it is in the here and now of things. Most of us weren’t formally taught how to live “successfully”. A life coach can help you to figure out what you want to do with your life, set goals, and achieve them. They have experience in helping others to live fulfilling lives. A life coach supports their clients in many ways: 1. A life coach is a cheerleader. Dream-chasing, goal-getting, risk-taking & life overall is much easier when someone is in your corner cheering you on, no matter what it is. Your life coach will also push you (especially when you’re stuck). They’ve seen plenty of clients attempt to avoid hard work and stressful situations. They’ll know when you’re playing games and push you to succeed. You always have someone on your side when you have a life coach. How likely are you to make those big changes if you have (no) support? 2. A life coach provides compassionate guidance. It’s not always easy to make (good) decisions, especially when you’re stressed, fearful or simply not used to making your own decisions. And let’s face it, some of us struggle with good decision-making, period. A life coach can help you to make wise decisions that guide you to living your best life in a healthy for you way. How would you rate your current decision-making ability on a scale of 1-10, with one being horrific, ten being perfect? · A friend can’t always be objective or completely honest, but your life coach’s job is to provide compassionate honesty. You’ll hear what you need—not want—to hear from your life coach. 3. A life coach helps you to clarify what you want to be in the present. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 68, sometimes you simply need support to determine what the next step of your life should be. Want to start a new career, relationship, health/wellness journey? A life coach is a powerful tool to ensure you achieve the goals you set at any age. 4. A life coach will help you to find balance. Life coaches are aware that there’s more to life than just money, a perfect beach body & living the life someone else planned for you. They emphasize holistic balance. Health, professional success, relationships, finances, spirituality, rest, fun & relaxation are all part of a well-balanced life. Does your life feel balanced today? 5. A life coach can help with many facets of life. A few of these include: · Career & success · Love · Communication · Intimacy & relationships · Finding your life’s purpose · Achieving challenging goals · Following a wellness plan · Starting a business · Letting go of what doesn’t serve & more!

6. A life coach is not a therapist. Therapists deal with past issues and traumas. Life coaches work from the present moment and into the future. A life coach won’t help you get over a past loss or deal with the fact that you were bullied in junior high. A life coach can guide you toward building a more desirable future from where you are today. If you’re looking for understanding/clarity related to issues of the past, therapy is probably a better path to take, but a coach WILL tell you if they are not equipped to work with you

7. A life coach isn’t required to have any certification. It helps though. There are organizations that certify life coaches, but they aren’t necessary to hang out a shingle and make a living as a life coach. Since the barriers to entry are few, there are plenty of life coaches that aren’t good at what they do because they don’t know what they are doing. Be sure to vet anyone you’re considering hiring as a coach. Some coaches are trained in other areas & choose not to certify as a coach and may be qualified, so do your homework & choose the best coach for you. Choose mindfully.

· Pay attention to reviews, certifications/trainings shared, and schedule an introductory session to see if you are compatible with your potential coach. Most will offer a free session.

Thinking about hiring a coach? Remember, a life coach won’t solve your challenges, nor diagnose your mental health concerns, but they can help you to help yourself. If you need compassionate guidance and supportive cheerleading, a life coach can make a huge difference. Now that you know what a life coach is and is not, head over to the ‘Services’ tab and schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if Mind Yo Bodhi Coaching is a good fit for your coaching goals.

No matter what, know you deserve peace, ease and good health. Be well.

NOTE: Benefits of coaching are best seen in those who invest a minimum of three months to their goal. Although there are exceptions to this, please consider how much time you've spent NOT working towards it & ask yourself where you really want to invest your time and then decide which path best suits you.

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