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Welcome to SocioMindful Wellness (SMW)! This company was created in 2018 with a mission to tackle systemic and structural inequality’s impact on holistic health & wellness. SMW’s goal is to help you release what no longer serves your peace, purpose or passion and transition to living mindfully, happily & optimally regardless of where and who you are. This company exists to help improve self-image/awareness/love, communication and relationships through transformative empowerment coaching, functional fitness & dietary support.

​SMW has the tools you need to (re)build your inner strength, amplify your true voice and improve your body, inside & out with fearless loving kindness, and tough love support (as needed), compassionately and mindfully.

Explore the site to learn more about SMW’s services, products, and so much more. Join us to experience the transformative healing & positive changes that a bit of right knowledge and mindfulness can make!

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