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5 Awesome Benefits of Adding Yoga to Your Life

Are you interested in yoga, but a little unsure about what benefits you can achieve from it? Yoga is an ancient art of meditation, relaxation and body+mind unification that helps many people mindfully achieve their physical, mental and spiritual goals. Yoga offers remarkable results that can make a transformative difference in your life.

Adding yoga practices (e.g. asana, meditation, & breathwork) to your daily routine can produce amazing benefits in terms of your overall emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance.

You can expect to experience the following benefits after you've been practicing yoga for a few months (whether by itself or in addition to other practices):

1. Less stress. Yoga does a great job of relieving stress. The breathing techniques, meditation, and asana (yoga poses) instantly relax the mind and body.

· Both physical and mental stresses are reduced, allowing you to more easily avoid many stress-related diseases and achieve optimum health.

  • Improved stress management makes it easier to deal with the current state of the world productively and with less re-traumatization and suffering—essentially, you’ll be more likely to remain calm and truly at peace and less likely to want to hurt somebody for being, let’s say “foolish” (mmhmm, yoga 😊 )

2. Better breathing capacity. Yoga helps in naturally increasing lung capacity. Many yoga poses are accompanied by specific breathing techniques, so you'll notice over time that your lung capacity will allow you to endure physical challenges for longer periods and breathe calm back into yourself during stressful times.

  • You'll be able to move more freely.

  • Your respiratory system will be sooo pleased!

  • You will truly feel better day after day of consistent practice

3. Increased flexibility & mobility. You'll acquire greater and greater flexibility as you practice. No matter the style, most yoga classes incorporate joint-loving stretching, which creates limber, flexible bodies and subsequently a more flexible individual.

  • If your goal is to p pop on a headstand again, who knows, maybe Mind Yo Bodhi yoga can help you do that too 😉

4. Greater strength. Apart from mobility stretches, yoga poses build up your physical strength. While you may not feel much pull when doing certain poses, you'll realize after some time how much stronger you've become.

  • Not simply physical strength, you will develop mental and emotional strength you didn’t know you needed—necessary tools in a world hellbent on keeping you distracted, imbalanced, upset and uncertain. It’s truly a holistic win!

5. Improved posture. Something about constant reminders to allow ‘the crown of your head reach for the stars’ resonates on and off the mat. Consistent guidance to keep your head held high, shoulders back and down, spine long, tailbone slightly tucked with core engaged will eventually lead to excellent posture on and off the mat! You will begin to self correct when watching TV, when standing around, even when mindlessly scrolling on your devices (this is the hardest). Those incorrect postures you were previously comfortable with will suddenly become extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, You'll likely get rid of any back pains you might have had prior to starting yoga.

  • You may find a reduction in chronic aches and pains you thought were a normal part of your life (they’re not!)

Your first step to enjoying these benefits for yourself is as easy as signing up for a session with Mind Yo Bodhi yoga. No matter where you are physically, yoga is for you too. You need not be flexible, your weight does not matter, how expensive your outfit is matters not, who, what, how, and where you are totally irrelevant. All that matters is you sign up, show up and commit to yourself & consistent practice. That’s it!

If you’re uncomfortable with 1-on-1 instruction, check out a community or group class that offers free/discounted introductory classes and know that not all teachers and students are compatible, so give yourself permission to dislike a style without completely giving up on the practice. Try different yoga styles (yin, gentle, power, kundalini, etc.) until you find what works for you at this moment. If nothing, the meditation and breathwork can be transformative—you got options!

Ultimately, as a practitioner of yoga, you'll feel more at peace. After each session, you'll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on whatever challenges life throws in your direction. This is especially important if you are blessed with primarily African DNA. Yoga teaches you how to be more mindful, to acknowledge and adapt with compassion from the inside out. Not only does yoga tighten up your body, but it also builds a resilient mind and prepares you to face just about anything.

You can always schedule a FREE—no obligation—consultation (click below!) with me to discuss this further so you can make an informed decision on the yogic path that may best benefit your lifestyle.

You are worthy of peace and optimal holistic wellness, please remember that always.

Be well. You deserve it.

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