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So, what is SocioMindfulness?

Greetings Beautiful Beings!

How are you feeling right now? I invite you to take a moment & reflect on how you feel physically, on the thoughts in your mind, and how you feel emotionally. You good, sis? I truly hope you're well & at peace, because this year's been very bittersweet so far, and one thing's for certain: if you're seeking your peace outside yourself, the struggle is REAL!

Here in the US, it's especially challenging as centuries old foundational systems of injustice & inequality are threatened with extinction. The beneficiaries & custodians of this system are working overtime to ensure that doesn't happen in the form of fear, propaganda & tyranny-and that's just the blatant stuff!

We have to stay connected, mindful & open-hearted now more than ever, because historically, this is when the power structure strikes its deadliest and most detrimental blows. Think about it. What happened after Reconstruction? What happened when Marcus Garvey organized & educated more members of the global African Diaspora on the evils of white racism? When the Panthers said enough is enough & organized for peace & protection from our oppressors? After the “Black Renaissance” in the 90s when many of us began to wake up from the myth of inclusion of the 80s and see the systemic inequality of the nation?

Even today, as we have greater access to the truth and knowledge so often kept from us, the custodians of the system of white racism have worked overtime and diligently to ensure we are unsafe, unwell, divided and full of so much rage, grief and/or fear we cannot see the actual picture of destruction they are painting for us behind the scenes.

But what does this have to do with SocioMindfulness and why should you care if this problem is built so deeply into the foundation of the country, it’s virtually impossible to eradicate?

First, SocioMindfulness intersects sociological awareness (knowledge of the social structures and organizations that impact your daily social life) and mindfulness in order to address and heal from the wounds and traumas of racism that consistently plague our societies, identities and quality of life.

It invites you to crave right knowledge. To question everything you know & think you know until the deeply rooted inequities laid in the foundation of this so-called great nation may finally rot and make space for you to thrive boundlessly, in this life.

Second, SocioMindfulness is unadulterated awareness. So, instead of developing awareness from the standards and standpoint of the oppressors, with SocioMindfulness, you are able to recognize the racialized elements in every aspect of social life from birth to death, moment to moment. You are not clouded by virtuous whiteness, anti-Black ideologies or basic ass propaganda that gaslights you every chance available.

This awareness gives you freedom to see all the violence, hate, blatant inequality, injustice, abuse (you get it) and not be broken or even shaken by it. Why? Because you are able to see with clarity and you know that regardless of how hateful and violent they are, love and copious opportunities for healing and peace always remain.

SocioMindfulness essentially equips you with an ability to see through okey doke and know that no matter how much negativity saturates our daily lives via the many methods of psychological warfare (e.g. media, police & politics), you may still know peace & joy.

Please don't be distracted. Don't lose hope for peace and change. Most importantly, do not allow them to deflect your attention from their true mission to divide & conquer. Don't allow a system of racism/white-dominance to create in you, feelings of hatred against individuals in your other marginalized groups. Don't allow that system to create in you feelings of disgust and fear against your own people that may not live as you do (I’m talking to you anti-LGBTQ Black folks, we need each other or we will never be safe).

Do be aware that as long as we stay present, knowledgeable of systematic tools of power, and united, we can work together (the only way we'll destroy this mess) to dismantle the system & begin mass holistic healing.

It’s starts inside though, so as mentioned earlier, if you’re seeking your peace from without and not within, I imagine you’re struggling to find it, but know it’s there when you’re ready to dig deep down to source. You alone control your reactions to everything and are not obligated to constantly consume audiovisual terror against your people.

SocioMindfulness helps you recognize, reprogram and reprioritize your Self with clear eyes and open mind and a purified heart so you can live your life unbound to the oppressor’s ideas of freedom, life and love.

If you’re tired of living in anger, fear and/or grief and are ready to live SocioMindfully, I invite you to sign up for a consultation with me so we can discuss this and get you on a program for peace today.

Be well.

You deserve it.



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