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Restorative tisanes (herbal teas)

Restorative tisanes (herbal teas)

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FIGHT THE ICK You know how magical elderberries and ginger are. Add the anti-viral power of lemon balm?? Thank me later! Pairs well with Mindful Everything and Ease tinctures and Mindful Restore shot

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS elderberries, lemon balm, ginger root, love energy (be well)


MINDFUL EASE Rose & ginger flavor mask how nutritious this restorative tea really is. I won't tell if you won't! Pairs well with Mindful Balance tincture, Mindful Circulate shot/tincture

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS ginger, calendula, rose petals, dandelion greens, mullein, loving kindness


MINDFUL PURIFY Before I tell you how nourishing this mix is, let me just say it tastes like everyone's favorite black tea (whose name I shant say, but I'll tell you it rhymes with 'Lip fun' *wink* )! Pairs well with Mindful Balance or Ease tinctures and Mindful Greens shot

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS rosehips, lemon balm, mullein, peaceful, healing energy, compassion


Mindful Middle Robust flavors help you forget why you're drinking this tea, but your middle remembers and is thankful ;) Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process of taking control of your wellness, your way! Pairs well with Body Update or Mindful Restore shot/tincture

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS yerba mate, ginger root, dandelion root, rosehips, hibiscus, mugwort, papaya leaf, restorative, healing energy, loving kindness

*contains caffeine


MIND YO CYCLE It's in the title. You get it. Product pairs very well with Lady Yin Yang & Mindful Circulate shots Please contact me directly for more information

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS red raspberry, rosehips, ginger, calendula, mugwort, spearmint, compassionate healing energy

**Remember, you have my support, jic you didn't know & if you are unsure, please schedule a complimentary consultation so I can help you decide what's best for YOU, where you are in the here and now of things.

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