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Restorative Aromatherapy Oils

Restorative Aromatherapy Oils

PriceFrom $14.99

Mindful Breath mullein infused oil; mullein is a powerful expectorant and lung tonic, just what you need for upper respiratory health and maintenance!

Open your airways and let go of what does not serve your Mindful Breath

Mindful Circulate contains  turmeric / black pepper essential oils, herbs rich in curcumin & piperine known to provide pain relief, liver/ gallbladder support (anti-inflammatory magic), and more when taken together; also an alternative for those who cannot consume turmeric or black pepper orally


Mindful Peace create peace from your skin to deep within with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, calming, nervous system relief essential oils like lavendar, ylang ylang and clary sage

Mindful Relief rosemary infused pain relieving oil (menstrual/joint/tension)

Use it for a total or spot massage, rub it on the soles of your feet, use it as your hair oil, whatever floats your boat! It's AMAZING!!


Mindful Soothe calendula-infused skin softening & hydrating oils relieve symptoms of itchy/dry skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, etc.)  oil to support the balance and restoration of your skin's health & tone

Mind Yo Moisture rosemary infused, strengthening hair oil

Restore your hair's moisture and strength with compassionate care, soothing rosemary & mint essential oils, mindful compassion and patience


Stillness a mindful mix of ginger, mint and other essential oils known to relieve issues of vertigo, nausea, & spasmodic pain (still yourself with love).


**Due to the nature of this business (small batch, handmade) and production costs, all oils over 1 oz are by special order only. Please note which oil you are requesting when placing your order to ensure on-time processing and delivery. Thank you for your understanding!

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