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Just Relax Aromatherapy Oil (topical)

Just Relax Aromatherapy Oil (topical)

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Create a feeling of shanti (peace) within with the calming, relaxing, & stress relieving benefits of lavender & clary sage, both containing body and mind calming agents to help you breathe, be and simply relax, as you deserve.

Massage this oil on  your hairline, chest and/or whole body to relive tension, stress and anxiety naturally and effectively.


Add clary sage to the mix and ooh wee! The way that oil eases the pain and frustrations associated with menstruation and menopause.


"Fun" fact, I was having a bout of intense anxiety & feeling breathless. I rubbed this blend over my heart and lungs, inhaled the remaining oils on my hands and within :30, I was breathing normally! Look at God! I'm not saying this will be the case for everyone, every time; however, anyone who's used lavender anything knows the calming power of this herb.


Rub it over your digestive and reproductive organs (or anywhere you're feeling crampy or achy) and focus your thoughts on relaxation. Be still and breathe.


ROLLER/DROPPER INGREDIENTS Carrier oil (pure apricot oil), organic lavender, clary sage, & calming energy

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