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Herbal Tinctures

Herbal Tinctures

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  • Mindful Everything 1                             Elderberry calendula grain alcohol
  • Mindful Everything 2                             Elderberry elder flower grain alcohol
  • Mindful Gut Health                                Juniper berry grain alcohol         
  • Mindful Circulate                                    Turmeric black pepper grain alcohol
  • Mindful Ease                                             Lemon balm grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin
  • Mindful Restore                                       Burdock, dandelion root, ceylon, vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol
  • Mindful Balance                                       Nettle leaf, vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol


Tinctures are herbs infused in alcohol. They have the longest shelf life:potency compared to all other herbal infusions (oils, powders, teas, etc.) & allow better absorption of ingredients into the blood stream when taken sublingually (held under the tongue).


Though the amount of alcohol consumed is negligble in regular doses, tinctures may still be unsafe for those with liver or alcoholism related concerns, children and pregnant/nursing women. For this, glycerites are a suitable alternative.


Glycerites are herbs infused in vegetable glycerine instead of alcohol and are safe(r) for littles, pregnant/nursing women and others for whom alcohol consumption is not an option.


If you're in search of a non-invasive, simple way to get those herbs in ya, tinctures are where it's at!! Try one of the above today and take charge of your wellness one drop at a time!


For questions, benefits, contraindications and warnings for all Mindful Mixery products, please contact

  • Contraindications & Warnings

    Always consult your health care provider (HCP), herbalist, nutritionist, etc. prior to ingesting any herbal products. Natural/herbal does not equal safe for all people. Be mindful, ask questions and make informed decisions, please.

    Tinctures (not glycerites) may not be suitable for children, especially those under 3 years of age; women who are pregnant or nursing (be certain to keep yourself and your bundle of light safe and healthy!) and anyone with alcoholism or liver damage related illnesses. Share ingredients with your HCP to determine safety of use for you individually.

    See individual products or send a message for detailed information on herbal contraindications.

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