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Herbal Smokes***

Herbal Smokes***

PriceFrom $9.99

Some herbs provide supplemental nutrition when smoked, try an herbal smoke mix to see how they make YOU feel today!



Calming lavender/damiana work their calming, relaxing magic when you smoke Rest Easy with or without your other smoke products ;) so you can calm your mind & body and rest easy!

Organic Ingredients: mullein, lavender, damiana, shanti (peace) energy


2) BE EASY MIX This combination of organic herbs is a great alternative to tobacco and cannabis. A great, therapeutic and guilt-free herbal smoke blend and another way to get the benefits of your herbs.

Organic ingredients: mullein, red raspberry, damiana, mugwort, spearmint


3) Soothe Yo Self is a chill mix of rose petals, mugwort and mullein working together. Give it a try and let me know if you agree!


4) Mindful Mix is like a flight of drinks, but with small herbal smokes. You get one 3.5 g tin of each of the above herbal smokes (total of three individual tins). This is a great gift idea, fantastic if you want to try all three and even better if like to save a few bucks as well.


***THESE ITEMS CONTAIN ABSOLUTELY NO NICOTINE, CBD, NOR THC. If you are looking for any of that, these are not the right items for you.

**Smoke like you would any other smokeable; be mindful to sift through for hard and/or pointy stems, sticks, etc. as you would other botanicals.

*NOTE: 14 g by special order only

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