Group Coaching

Group cohesion support for 5-35* individuals on pre-determined topics *Restrictions apply

  • 45 minutes
  • Starts at $500
  • TBD

Service Description

Need an info session on a certain topic? Maybe you want to educate your family, friends or co-workers on a sociocultural issue in which you feel they are lacking, ignorant or insensitive in some way and need an expert to ensure participants get the necessary info to understand and make informed decisions. Perhaps your organization is lowkey bigoted & you’re in a position to change that through knowledge & understanding. Whatever your group needs, SocioMindful Wellness can educate and inform them for you. Service includes: a timed talk, followed by Q & A, group discussion and/or interactive activity. Tentative topics are Sociocultural in nature (meaning social and/or cultural) & include exclusion/inequality via race & boundaries, what racism actually is, its total social impact, pervasive stereotypes & related hate/fear, understanding stigma, propaganda, media-led social control & more. For example, (e.g. ‘whites only’ neighborhoods/funding/institutions, anti-LGBTQ+ policies, whether overtly or covertly existing). This is an amazing way to educate your group without going back to school, trusting social media's information or feeling like you have to teach others something about which you may care about but are not equipped to teach them. Also, I love helping people compassionately gain clarity. Everyone wins! Are you ready? Of You absolutely are or you wouldn’t be here! So sign up today to take charge of your wellness, peace, purpose & joy. Remember, the biggest flex is inner calm in a chaotic environment by investing in peace over profits to ensure true success--a healthy, happy workforce/friend group/family is paramount to purposeful living. Be well. You deserve it!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations may be made up to 48 hours before your session without penalty. Cancellations made after this time will not be refunded. No credits will be provided for missed sessions.

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